Laboratory for Bioarchaeology

Milica Šipovac

Research Assistant


Address: Čika Ljubina 18-20, 11000 Beograd

Research interests: dental anthropology, bite marks, neonatal line, early bronze age


2017 DDM, University of Novi Sad


Sipovac, M., Petrovic, B., Kojic, S., Pantelinac, J., Penezic, K., Capo, I., Stefanovic, S. (2021) ‘Crown formation times of deciduous teeth and age at death in neolithic newborns’, Int. J. Morphol, 39(3), p780-784.

Jovanovic, N., Petrovic, B., Kojic, S., Sipovac, M., Markovic, D., Stefanovic, S., Stojanovic, G. (2019) ‘Primary teeth bite marks analysis on various materials: A possible tool in children health risk analysis and safety assessment’, Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health, 16(13), p24-34.

Petrovic, B., Kojic, S., Peric, T., Šipovac, M., Lazarevic, J., Stefanovic, S., Stojanovic, G. (2019) ‘Surface characterization of the raw and cooked bovine cortical metatarsal bone’, Acta of bioengineering and biomechanics, 21(1), p13-21

Blagojević, D., Pavlović-Trifunović, Lj., Šipovac, M., Nešković, I., Vujkov, S., Petrović, B. (2019) ‘The first dental visit-comparative analysis of two successive five-years periods’, Srp Arh Celok Lek, 147(3-4), p148-151.

Vučinić, S., Petrović, B., Kojić, S., Šipovac, M., Stefanović, S., Stojanović G. 2018. ‘Influence of specimen preparation and nanoindentation protocol on the mechanical properties of bovine bone’, 5th International Conference on Electrical, Electronic and Computing Engineering, IcETRAN 2018, Palić, Serbia, June 11 – 14.